Fun & Focus

Welcome to Fun & Focus, your consultants in improving general
healthcare. The team of Fun & Focus works as miMakkus clowns in order to find interaction with people with dementia or mentally disabled people.
We have knowledge and experience in this specific area and can advise healthcare teams to have contact with their clients in a different way. This in order to let people renew their passion in working with people. Because of continuous alterations in cooperation and efficiency solutions there’s less time to work with the client and this declines the pleasure of the function.
We claim that it really is possible to work even more efficient and at the same time find it more fulfilling than ever! Have fun and make your day, as well as that of your clients, a good one.
The methods we use in our workshops are easy, practical and enjoyable, which is the reason why our firm is called Fun & Focus.

Fun -> Joyful healthcare for nurse and clients.

Focus -> We know that by unspecified attention there will be better and more contact with the client, and that is what we want to teach other people, to experience that. Even during stressful days the client should be able to get the best attention. The great thing about this approach is that the nurse gets so much more energy out of the clients and can have so much more fun with them, exactly what we call a win-win situation.

Each organisation or team has its own specific needs, so

we’ll make our workshop suitable to your wishes.